Sunday, January 15, 2017

The closer to the food...Belize equals Fresh ingredients

Beaches and Dreams Seafront Inn, home of the Famous Barracuda Bar and Grill in Hopkins, Belize has been serving up some of the freshest food for nearly 12 years now. 2016 added a new level of freshness with the addition of our Rooftop Vertical garden for growing fresh herbs and baby lettuces in an organic environment.
Baby lettuces add a nice flavor to local romaine for a fantastic salad

Arugula sprouts ready to transplant

Each vertical container is auto watered and we rotate planting and harvesting

Hard to grow herbs like this Thyme plant do fantastic in our controlled enviroment

Baby Italian lettuces


Climbing Spinach

The wild herb call Calantro has the same flavor as Cilantro

The vertical garden before it really started to produce.

Add to the mix the freshest seafood coming into our dock, great hand selected cuts of meat, other organically grown vegetables and imported italian olive oil and you'll know why the Barracuda Bar and Grill is know as the Foodies Place.
You'd better Belize it!