Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tours from Hopkins, Belize

The think about Hopkins, Belize and Beaches and Dreams is that we are so centrally located on the coast of Belize, that the entire country is at our front door so that we can visit virtually any of the vast destinations for tours on any given day.Fishing, Snorkeling, Diving and sailing on the sea right from our dock are options for marine tours. Cave Tubing, Zip Lining, Mayan Ruins, Rainforest Hiking, Birdwatching, Culinary Tours,  
and so much more are available for daily activities and our tour company at Beaches and Dreams
can help you explore all of Belize from a single destination and on a budget.

Our guides are personable local Belizeans who have a passion for what they do. Our fishing is extrodinary and we ofer all types:
fly Fishing, trolling, deep sea fishing and family fun trips that allow kids to drop fish on ultra light gear for 1-10 pound snapper, grouper, jacks, barracuda and a plethora of other fish. we love to have families and never put you with a giant group unless you are alrady part of that group. Snorkeling, and fishing can even be combined so that you and a significant other are the onoy ones on pone of our skiffs on a private full day trip wtrih fabulous shore lunch. I always tell a couple, you own the boat for the day. if you want to fish more, then fish more. If you are enjoying a spot for snorkeling with giant queen angelfish schools, then stay and do that. it is your once in a life time vacation and you shouldn't be at the whim of what others in a large canned group tour may want to do. We offer complete customized packages so that you can get an all inclusive Belize vacation just to suit you desires.

Two great parks are only a half hour away offering amazing jungle experiences like zip lining and waterfall rappelling. wild life abounds at Cockscomb Basin Jaguar preserve. this park has over 7000 acres of protected rainforest. Peccaries, Howler Monkeys, Deer, and all of the large cats of Belize all live in this park, which goes nearly to the Guatemalan border. Birdwatching in these 2 areas is some of the best in the world. Indeed Hopkins is surrounded by natual wonders encompassing many different eco systems in a 10 mile radius. Coastal Mangroves and Beach lead to a savannah wetlands that lead to the Mayan Mountains. The coast leads out to the worlds second largest barrier reef and unlimited island playgrounds.

Belize's natural wonders are all open to you fom a single destination.Explore Mayan ruins or go deep into the Earth at one of the cave sites on a once in a lifetime guided trip.....YOU"D BETTER BELIZE IT!